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- Fun and relax with mind challenging endless game.
- Free to play and free lifetime update with new levels, obstacles, candies, and more every week.
- More than 2000 levels ready with unique challenging.
- Challenge your friends and worldwide players with amazing scores.
- Download the file and have enjoyed playing Candy Blast Mania game!

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- Match candy and increase your score to climb up the Tournament ladder
- Support iOS 8 or higher versions and Android 4.0 or later versions.
- Smoothed visuals with bug fixed update
- English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish languages supported.
- More than 35,000,000+ worldwide users and leading game in the app market.

Best Features

You can enjoy with more than 2000 new levels. You can discover big matches to make Sweet Spots for fiery combos and big bonuses. Minimum Operating System is Android 5.1. Approximate APK download time is less than 5 minutes. Challenge worldwide candy player using scoreboard.

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Candy Blast Mania

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What should you know about the Candy blast mania app?

This app is one of those apps where people get addicted to the game setting. It is a puzzle game that has most of its player's eyes glued to the screen that shows the app. The puzzle game revolves around two characters who are the Candy Girl and her dog. The two characters are ready together to defeat the Evil Gummy Bear King. This adventurous game is full of different levels that one could try. It is full of challenges that also include fun elements. Get the candy blast mania app if you want to have fun! You could even try this game with your friends and look out for that person who is eager in collecting the candy belonging to the kingdom. This Candy crush mania is available as Candy blast mania for Android and also as Candy blast mania iTunes. You are going to find all those Candy blast mania levels fascinating and fun. Go through the article to find out more about this interesting game and all its exciting features.

Features in Brief

After you get this gaming application on to your device, you will see that the game adds together to come out with 240 levels where each level is all about collecting candy. Some of these candy items include Lemon Drops, Jelly Beans, and gummies. All these candies look yummy, and you will love the look of it.

The kingdom is all about matching up the same kind of candy item. You have to go on collecting candies and increasing the candy number if you want to earn a high score. Sometimes you receive combos, and you would come to places where you are able to obtain a bonus. If you want to enjoy all these features, there is only one thing that you should do which is that you have to download this game app and run the application on your device.

There are several more interesting features. It is possible for you to score more with just a simple touch of the same kind of candies. If you match four or more of the same type of candy, you are ready to score high. The main target throughout the game is to overcome the power of the gummy bear who is incredibly evil and cruel. The gummy bear should be defeated, or else it will gobble up all your sweet candy items.

More features of Candy blast mania free download

The section comes up with more features. The goal of the player of the game is to save their kingdom from the cruel gummy bear. All the obstacles that you encounter while you play the game can be avoided if you get the boost, which is the Candy Wand or Candy Scoop. These advances will make it easy for you to win the game. This boost will make it easy for you to collect more candies. While you play the game, you would also come across different flavors. The flavors come as Cake Canyon, the Forest of Fudge, and many more! You will also be guided by other characters in the kingdom. You could play the game free, as the free download of the game is available. Indeed, you could play the game free, but if you are in pursuit of in-app items that come in the app, you will need money. Other than that, there is no need of real money.

The Candy blast mania APK is also downloadable for free. You could easily get it from the Internet and start playing all its adventures. Some prefer Candy blast mania online, and some of the game players prefer the game offline. The game is also available as Candy blast mania free download for PC. The game is available for the PC as the Candy blast game free download. If you look around the Internet, you will see that the game appears as Candy blast mania for iPhone, allowing all iPhone users the chance to play this wonderful game. The candy blast mania update comes with the newest features and boosts.

How to update to the latest download version file of the Candy blast mania?

Here is how you could update to the latest version. You will have to get the APK file of the game. The update comes with Chocolate Candies. The update comes with combo boosters and quality graphics. The update allows you to share your score with Facebook friends. You get notifications of updates, and only it is if you update your game that you could use all latest features of the newest version. You can enjoy collecting drinks, sugar bombs, jelly boosts, and juice splashes.

What are the steps to follow to download and install the Candy blast Mania?

Here is the easy procedure where you are going to be taught on the steps to get the app. The first you have to see to is get the XePlayer Android Emulator downloaded. Next, you will have to run the XePlayer Android Emulator. After that, you will have to log in to Google Play Store. Next open Google Play Store and search for the game Candy Blast Mania and download the game. If the game is for your PC, extract the APK file to the XePlayer. Now you have everything ready to play the game.

How to use the game?

Having the game only on your device will not be a happy situation if you do not know tips on how you could play the game. You should also know how you could use the game. The paragraph here is going to guide you with few tips that you would find essential to play the game. The main point that you have to pay attention to while playing the game is few hot spots. These few hot spots will help you in doubling your point values. You can score high if you match three or more items of candy. The other tip is to go for the same colored candies on the playing field. This situation will increase your score. What happens is, you can get rid of a row of the same colored candies, and the rest of the candies of the same color start disappearing. The other tip is that you have to look for row eliminators. These eliminators are supportive of vanishing candies vertically or horizontally, but you will have to match three or more of them.

You must be surprised by these few tips because you could easily increase your score. Why did not you think of combining the tips? If you use the tips in a mix, you will be ready to take off multiples of candies. Give the shot a try and see so that you could get to the next level easily. When you play, start from the bottom as it is then easily that you could take off candy.

How will other techniques be supportive to win the game?

Here are few of the other techniques that you could try if you want to score high and go to the next level. You have the Candy wand and also the sugar blast. The sugar blast technique will help you in eliminating a whole row of candy. However, make sure to use this technique if you only need it because you do not get many chances of the sugar blast. It works only once or twice.

The game also comes with power boosts and power-ups. You could choose the best one and get it work on your game. The candy wand is best at taking off candy pieces, and the sugar blast will take out rows of candies. Next, you have the advantageous feature, which is the Candy Scoops. You could use a scoop when you are out of moves. Isn’t it fantastic? Try these if you want to have a brilliant time.

How to install the Candy blast mania on iPhone, iMac, iPad?

The Candy blast mania has been released for the iDevices, and the download is available on iTunes. You could download the game from the Apple store, iTunes. Well once you download the game, what you have to do is to match three or more candies and take off all those similar color candies. You could create a land of lemon candy slices, jelly beans and other sweets in your field. Explosive chains of candies, candy scoop or the candy wand bonuses will let you increase your score. The color themes in the game are attractive, and you are going to have your hands 24 hours in the game.

Other helpful tips for you to know

Suppose in front of you there are a few of the unwanted candies; still, you could clear those rows if you want to win the game. You could easily get rid of the candies in the first case by avoiding the not wanted candies. Your opponent is the jawbreakers; they will always try to attack you, so you have to fight them by matching candies and taking them off each row. The game also involves promotional offers. You will see that it basically allows you power-ups once you sign into Facebook. You are able to get an additional quantity of 40 gems, which is wonderful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in cases Candy blast mania not working?

A game player of the Candy blast would certainly meet issues such as Candy blast mania crashing or Candy blast mania won't open. Many would want to report such issues that they come across. In such cases, you will have to report the issue that you face. In the process that involves reporting, you will have to include certainly needed info, which includes the device and the version number, the game version, and the problem that you faced in brief. It is then that you could receive the needed support. Pay attention to these specific details if you want help to overcome an issue that you faced.

What to do in cases of Candy blast mania connection error?

If you find connection errors, why do not you restart the device or reinstall the application and start the game once again from the beginning.

What is Candy Blast Mania?

Many of you might have heard this term when you were roaming the Internet, playing games. It is a wonderful and fun-filled game. This application is a puzzle game where you could easily collect candies.

Who developed the game?

This game was developed by the TeamLava.

What to do if an error arises while playing the game?

If you encounter an error while playing a game, there are certain tips that you could follow. You could restart your device or else you could delete the game that was installed and once again reinstall the game. You could even try the hard restart, which you have to do by holding together the power and home buttons until you would see the Apple symbol appearing on the screen.
You could also check whether the game is working by closing any of those apps that are running in the background. Close background apps to play the game once again.

What to do if the gold gems that you purchased are not working?

If you encounter an issue as such, you will have to restart your device. Even if still your device is not working, you could delete the app and reinstall the app.

With what devices are the game compatible?

This game is compatible with devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game also works on the iPhone 5.

Still the game not working? Any other technique that you could try?

If you still find errors while playing the game, it is because you have not yet updated the game with the newest updates. Look for the Candy blast mania update and update your version, or else your game will not function the proper way. Updates to the newest version of the game will also be the solution for Candy mania lost progress.

iphone iphone

What Did You Receive With Candy Blast Mania

A bunch of fun with new puzzles and events

Simple and clean interface

Compatibility with iOS and Android.

Exciting tournaments and challenges

Download and install window 7,windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10 & iMac.

iphone iphone

Winding up

Everyone likes to play games and do something really enjoyable during their leisure times. If you were looking for something to do during your leisure time, playing the Candy blast mania would be the best choice. You will love the game, and of course, those little tips mentioned-above on the way that you could play the game will improve your interest towards the game. Get this free downloadable game installed on your device and have a lovely time! Get ready to defeat the cruel gummy bear and save the kingdom!

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